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John Torina, the youngest of six sons, was born to Sicilian, Austrian parents, July 31, 1953, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.


From his youth he was interested in the observation of nature and the study of art and music. Since his teens, he has travelled the globe to some 20 countries as a painter and musician.


In every location he seeks the ephemeral beauty of God's creation. Painting from life in all seasons on a grand scale has been his life long challenge. 


Along with his travels, Torina earned his BFA and MFA in painting at the Memphis College of Art and the University of Oregon, where he won many scholarships, grants and awards. He continued his academic career by teaching painting, drawing and art history at 5 Universities over a period of 16 years.


His work has been represented by many galleries and museums in United States and has been sought after worldwide by corporate and private collections.


John Torina has raised two successful daughters and after 5 years living in Costa Rica is back to United States to his beloved landscapes painting directly in the fields; face to face, feeling and demonstrating the power of nature in his work.


"In days such as these we can remind ourselves of those that came before us who contributed to the appreciation and love of Mother Earth. The tradition of landscape painting has pointed the way to the beauty and mystery of our blessed home." John Torina



Tybee Beach, Giorgia (2011)
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